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Hey, I'm

Kevin Dryfuse

I make awesome things

I'm a software engineer, a father, an endurance athlete, a rule breaker, an electronics hobbyist, a free spirit, and I want to make a positive impact on the world.



Need and instant party?  Simple, just hit this button.


Simulating a cat in a gift-wrapped box as part of a Christmas white elephant gift exchange.


A creepy old radio that will turn on and play haunting sounds and eerie audio when you enter the room.


Work from home office is boring, let's add some lighting and effects to make it a little less boring


Visual sound level meter for my office


Ensure the water levels in your Christmas tree stand never get too high or too low!


All my custom Fritzing parts.


Created for a teacher to track their contacts with students during WFH due to covid.


There is no strategy in the Candy Land board game, so let's just automate game-play and get it over instantly.


My Career


Lead Data Engineer, 2015 - Now

I'm currently the lead Engineer in the Personalization and Loyalty space with an overall goal to mentor and create better engineers.  I'm mostly focused on helping our engineers write better code, bake in quality across the development lifecycle and within our processes, stick to our methodologies, work better as a team, communicate openly and constructively, challenge norms, take ownership, be empowered, and foster innovation.

Right now it's all about building out our machine learning platform that will allow us to quickly and safely deliver new sciences that hyper-personalize our customer's experiences in store, in app, on the the website, and even their delivery experience.  This means hands on with model evaluation, orchestration, monitoring, feature stores, vector search, model registration/serving, and generative AI.

Prior to this I had the opportunity to take the Kroger Precision Marketing platform from an idea on a whiteboard to a reality that generates hundreds of millions of dollars a year of alternative profit for Kroger.  I had my start building out the capability to let CPGs identify the right customers and the right touch-points for their media campaigns, then spent a year discovering and evaluating growth opportunities for the product, and finally built out an analytic data asset to centralize and standardize 18+ billion media exposures.

That's just the tip of the iceberg ...

Western & Southern Financial Group

Sr. Programmer Analyst, 2011 - 2015

Donning a suit and tie for probably the first and last time in my career, I was a technical lead on an enterprise-wide effort to consolidate all existing document capture systems and content management systems to reduce the costs associated with licensing, training, and maintenance while also improving accuracy and throughput.  It was cool stuff like optical character recognition, machine learning auto classification, and advanced document routing!

On the side I built systems that helped teams to proactively prioritize and manage their queued work while also ensuring that they could quickly identify potential issues to mitigate financial risk associated with missed SLAs.

I was also privileged to also be the technical lead for the implementation of a Procure-to-Pay solution in support of a corporate-wide accounting standardization project.

Enerfab Inc.

Application Developer, 2008 - 2011

I was initially brought on to replace, improve, and consolidate a series of legacy applications while simultaneously transitioning our team to new development frameworks.

However, while wrapping that up I identified the opportunity for me to develop a requisition and procurement system for workers out in the field.  Not only did it significantly streamline the field requisitioning process, it also created significant cost savings via improved spend analysis, centralized tool purchasing, and real-time updates to Enerfab's financial and job costing systems.


My last 18 months were spent implementing SAP with a focus on writing ABAP code to support the Materials Management, Sales and Distribution, Project Systems, and Production Planning teams.

Royal Bank of Scotland

Quantitative Analyst, 2007 - 2008

I briefly stepped out of a software development role for an opportunity at RBS as an analyst and created in-depth balance transfer, activation, and purchase incentive campaign reporting and analysis for our credit card products.


However, where I flourished was by writing code and building systems that not only automated about 90% of my work, but that also delivered insights faster and more reliably than ever before to our Credit and Gift Card Services Teams.


L3 Harris - Fuzing and Ordnance Systems

Information Technology Programmer, 2004 - 2007

Continuing with what I had started as a Co-Op I learned that our clunky ERP system had an exposed set of APIs!  That discovery allowed me to build custom web interfaces that gave users a simple and streamlined alternative to how they interacted with that system.


I also noticed that job postings were physically printed and tacked around the office. So I went ahead and proposed, designed, and built an application for Human Resources to manage those postings on the divisional intranet that I had built as a Co-Op.


As a defense contractor there was an array of compliance courses that every person at our company was required to take (depending on their role), but there was no good way for anyone to know what they had taken, what they had remaining, or when a course was due until I created a simple scheduling and tracking system for our division.


L3 Harris - Fuzing and Ordnance Systems

Information Technology Co-Op, 2002 - 2004

This is where it all started!  I had always had an interest in using code to solve problems, but I never had a real way to apply that until I was a Co-Op.  Between cleaning mouse balls (remember those?), imaging new computers, and un-jamming copiers I recognized that there was way too much time being wasted locating critical information going on around the office.

I took the few resources I had available and created a web application that made it quick and easy to search and access digital versions of engineering drawings (which at that point required someone to search through a set of physical folders and manually make a copy).

I followed that up with a similar application to locate Material Safety Data Sheets and topped it all off with the creation of the division's very first intranet that helped centralize it all.

Want more details?  Download my full resume.


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