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Kevin Dryfuse.

Hi, I'm

I build software.


I'm a software engineer, a father, an endurance athlete, an electronics hobbyist, and absolutely obsessed with playing Dungeons & Dragons.

Quick Facts:

  • I use hot sauce with about every meal (including breakfast).

  • When I built my most recent PC I intentionally packed it with an unnecessary amount of RGB lighting and fans simply because it drives my kids crazy.

  • In 2020 I ran the Dopey Challenge in a weighted vest.

  • I wish I knew where my TI-82 went.

  • My first PC was a Packard Bell Multimedia C110 that I bought in high school.  It was on this computer that I wrote my very first program in BASIC to help me through a Chemistry class.

  • Some side jobs I've had over the years: Worked at Donatos delivering pizzas, spent a summer cleaning an elementary/middle school, was a housekeeper at Cedar Point, got fired as a security officer at Kings Island, answered phones at the Home Depot, and even briefly (1 week) tried my hand at telemarketing.

  • I own a countless number of Arduinos and Raspberry Pis.

  • Data is cool, however the way in which many companies choose to use data, isn't.

  • I grew up on a farm near Republic, Ohio and now live in the Bluegrass Region of Kentucky.

  • I have just one tattoo and it's of my cat that I got on a whim while in Thailand.

  • Tell 'em Steve Dave, MBMBaM, and The Adventure Zone are my podcasts of choice.

  • I'm currently learning to play hockey so I can keep up with my 8 year old child at the rink.

  • Sadly, while writing this section I ate an entire package of Fudge Stripes cookies.



I thrive when the culture encourages radical thinking and rule breaking, when I'm making a positive impact on the world, where strong work-life balance is respected, and where technology and innovation are a priority.


Lead Data Engineer, 2015 - Now

I'm currently  lead Engineer on a team of 4-8 with an overall goal to mentor and create better engineers.  I'm primarily focused on helping our engineers write better code, bake in quality across the development lifecycle and within our processes, stick to our methodologies, work better as a team, communicating openly and constructively, challenging norms, taking ownership, feeling/being empowered, and fostering innovation.

In addition to the above, I'm also expanding an analytic data asset using Azure, Python, PySpark, and Databricks to centralize and standardize 18+ billion media exposures.  Our goal is to provide complete, accurate, and timely access to media exposure data so that media campaigns are effectively measured for our clients, predictive models are painless to create, and groundbreaking insights are easier to achieve.  This is the first time I experienced anything that could truly be called "Big Data" and it's been an absolutely welcome change in my career.

Want more details?  Download my full resume.


Personal Projects.

Personal Projects.

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