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Haunted Radio

A creepy old radio that will turn on and play haunting sounds and eerie audio when you enter the room.



I found an old radio in a Home Depot parking lot and being too good to just ignore I figured I could do something fun with it.  The thing is creepy and my kids suggested that it was probably haunted, which inspired me to take it to the next level and really turn this into the thing of nightmares.

The idea would be to gut the thing entirely and then replace the internals with a Raspberry Pi, some speakers, a motion sensor, and an LED so that when someone walks into the room the radio turns on (the dial will flicker) and plays the creepiest audio I can find.  Once the audio is done the light turns off and it goes back to sleep until the next victim enters the room.

Call-Outs and Interesting Information

Flesh out details for the following

  • Details about the speaker bonnet and speakers, they weren't exactly easy to setup

  • The spotify web client allows me to play music from network devices to the radio

  • The audio I chose to use

  • How it's constructed internally ... it's definitely a hack and a good reason I could use a 3D printer :)

  • etc??!?!?


Obviously not an all-inclusive list, but enough to give you an idea on the parts list if you had any intention of replicating something similar.

GitHub Code


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